The sixth cooperative principle, cooperation among co-ops, is central to the aims of the Mid-Atlantic Food Cooperative Alliance (MAFCA) members. Longtime members of established co-ops are happy to speak to people who want to start their own coops. Representatives of start-up co-ops often come to MAFCA meetings to share their plans and get advice.

    Join the conversation about food co-ops by joining our Google Group: send an email to: mafca+subscribe (at) You will be able to ask questions and get advice from other food co-ops.Feel free to email us at info [at] if you have questions.

We’ve listed some online resources in the section for those thinking of starting their own food co-op or seeking information about regional or national and international resources for co-ops.

Did You Know:

    Even when the economy was down, or perhaps especially when the economy was down, food cooperatives continued to grow and thrive. This article about The Boom in Food Co-ops, tells us that as of 2011 there were 200 new co-ops in the works!